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About Risk Management

Though you may do everything right to ensure that your wealth creation plan is on track and your individual life goals are being met, unexpected events can and do occur which can have a negative impact on achieving your financial goals. This is where a wealth preservation plan can help to protect your family, your business and your ability to create wealth.

There are four types of personal risk insurance:
Life insurance – helps to provide financial assistance and protection for your family if you pass away. By undergoing a needs analysis based on your debt levels, your income needs and living expenses you can determine the level of cover you require. The cost of this cover varies depending on your health, age and occupation.

Holding this within Superannuation can bring multiple benefits including tax deductions and the premiums are being paid within the Super fund, rather than your own personal income.

Total and Permanent Disability Cover – Will pay out a lump sum benefit in the event that you can’t ever work again because of illness or injury and can be used to pay medical expenses, debts and help to replace some of the lost income.

Trauma Insurance – Trauma insurance is there to pay a lump sum to you in the event you suffer from a specific traumatic event such as a stroke, heart attack or cancer. It is paid at the time the diagnosis is confirmed and therefore can help to relieve medical expenses and provide your family with income while you recover from your illness.

Income Protection – Is a monthly benefit paid to you in a situation where you are temporarily unable to work or are no longer able to work. You can be insured for up to 75% of your pre-tax income. It can assist in meeting your day to day living expenses, loan payments, school fees and may assist in preserving your assets. Benefit payment periods and waiting periods can be adjusted according to your needs and will alter the premiums payable.

Income protection when held personally is tax deductible.

Our insurance specialists are able to review your personal and financial circumstances and provide guidance on the level and type of cover required.


Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) are the fastest growing sector in the superannuation industry.

Investment Advice

Our aim is to ensure we understand what our clients appropriate asset allocation and risk tolerance levels are to ensure they achieve their personal goals.

Retirement Planning

Approaching retirement can sometimes cause uncertainty and concern as it can seem like a great unknown.

Risk Management

Though you may do everything right to ensure that your wealth creation plan is on track and your individual life goals are being met.

Budget & Cashflow

To formulate an effective strategic financial plan you need to ensure you are either reviewing options for budget management or optimising cash flow.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is one of the most over looked parts for an individuals financial future