CF Wealth Management is part of the Cohen Fasciani Family.

The firm was established in 1994 when Selwyn Cohen opened his office in St Kilda Road. In September 1994 Josephine Fasciani joined the firm and in October 2004 the firm changed its name to Cohen Fasciani. Anita Fasciani joined the family business in 2011 and took the position of principal financial planner.

CF Wealth Management and the Cohen Fasciani family work with you through a trusting relationship, combining our knowledge and experience to help you achieve the outcomes that count

We believe as a client you deserve quality advice that is tailored to your specific needs. Our goal is to ensure clients can experience life with the confidence of knowing that their futures are financially well managed and secure. Like any partnership we are in it for the long term, we guide you through the implementation of the advice and manage the strategy. We help each client become financially independent delivering you towards your ultimate lifestyle dreams and goals.

We pride ourselves on the total ongoing service we can offer our clients. The significant advantage we have is working closely with Cohen Fasciani to ensure your wealth creation strategy as well as taxation matters are optimized.

We also work with our clients to help coordinate professional relationships with lawyers, bankers, mortgage brokers, stockbrokers, general insurance brokers to form a cohesive team working in your interest. We act as the central point for all your advice and wealth management needs.

We are small enough to care while at the same time have the experience and knowledge that our clients deserve.